Central heating upgrades

Unfortunately, not all central heating systems are installed correctly the first time around. This is why sometimes the best option is to simply upgrade your existing system rather than replace it. There are many engineers who would rather make an installation as easy as possible to earn “a quick buck” than take the time to really consider the needs of a customer, and the possible improvements that could be made to an installation.

Heating system upgrades can be as simple as installing thermostatic radiator valves or a new room thermostat, to more complicated and expensive undertakings which include installing filters, remote controlled thermostatic radiator valves, programmable thermostats which can be controlled via the internet and mobile devices, along with many more options. Our engineers are central heating experts and are very well equipped to advise on all possible upgrades, whilst being aware of what would and wouldn’t be improve the system enough to make the work worthwhile.

Please read the below article from “Registered Gas Engineer” magazine on smart boiler controls. “As homeowners are more mindful of rising energy costs, controls that are simple yet sophisticated in operation can go some way to providing a solution. The latest smart controls are providing homeowners with the opportunity to access greater knowledge regarding their energy usage on an ongoing basis.  The result is better management of energy use and consequently an increased chance of reduced heating bills.  Internet connectivity is a major feature of the latest generation of heating controls, enabling heating and hot water to be controlled remotely. This is ideal for people who may return home later or earlier than expected, and in other situations when people have elderly residents and are concerned about their home environment.”

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