Central Heating Installations

New Central heating Installations South East London

Greenwich Heating Solutions Ltd specialise in the design and installation of new gas central heating systems. as experts in central heating installations, it is an aim of ours to take what, at first, seems like a huge undertaking, for engineers and customers alike, and simplifying it to the point where all involved understand exactly what the job involves. Our engineers have extensive experience in gas central heating installation and as such have it down to a fine art. No two houses are identical and there is always the possibility of coming up against unexpected problems. But here at Greenwich Heating solutions Ltd we have a motto; “adapt and overcome!” Meaning that we approach each job with the attitude; “It can be done” rather than “can it be done.”

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There are some options to consider when thinking about a new central heating installation. Firstly what kind of system you would like to have, or rather what type of system would best suit your needs. The main choices are:

Combination Boiler

One boiler to provide heating and hot water, no tanks.

Y-plan/ S-plan sealed system

One boiler to provide heating and a cylinder to provide hot water. System is pressurised and the pump is inside the boiler rather than external.

Conventional system

Usually not pressurised but can be by installing an expansion vessel. Boiler requires an external pump, cylinder for hot water.

Once we have determined which kind of system would best suit your needs, the next decision to be made is, what boiler to have. There are many factors which need to be considered when making this decision, i.e. Heat loss etc… Our engineers will go through all options with you and help you to come to a decision. We will explain which boiler we would recommend and why we would recommend it in order to allow you to make an informed decision.

Other decisions and options that need to be considered are, the amount and type of radiator to be installed, how you would like the pipework to be done (surface mounted or hidden in floors, engineers will advise you on this) along with many other fine details, all of which will be made clear to you when we carry out a survey.

To request a quote and a visit from our surveyor, please do not hesitate to give us a call!