Many of the jobs that out engineers arrive at needn’t be carried out by a gas engineer or even a plumber. Here are some Thinks that could possibly save you a penny or two:

Boiler pressure: New technology is great. The Way boilers and heating systemA work these days is far Superior to that of the past. But with change often comes confusion. Many systems are now pressurized. Ie. Combi boiler systems. If you do have one of these systems DO NOT ROUTINELY “BLEED” YOUR RADIATORS. By venting (Bleeding) your radiators you are relieving some of the pressure, if The pressure drops low enough, the boiler will not run And will go Into aN error state. Unless absolutely necessary do joy vent radiators on a sealed system. And if you do, you will need to top up your pressure.

If All Else Fails, Give Us A Call, We’re More Than Happy To Help.

Cold radiators: one common problem our call out stoners are experiencing is that they have one or More radiator(s) that just will not heat up enough. There are a few causes, air trapped in the system, sludge in the radiator (powner flush needed) and faulty Trv’s among a few other things. Here are a few Things to try yourself:

If the radiator is hot at The bottom but cold at the top, the chances are the radiator is full of air, you will need to bleed this using a radiator vent key.

If the whole radiator is cold, feel the pipes that are going into the radiator. Are they hot? If so, one or both of your radiator valves may be blocked or broken, if you Have thermostatic radiator valves try taking off the head of the valve on the misbehaving radiator. One other thing to try is to turn off all other radiators in your house (Using the thermostatic radiator valves (TRV)) allowing the heat to be pumped more forcefully into the radiator that isn’t performing very well. If all else fails give us a call on 0800 047 6017, we may be able to help over the phone. Remember, calling a tradesman is a last resort. Unfortunately we are currently living in a time and place where money is not as easy to come by as it has been in the past, saving is essential and avoidable costs can sting.

Please check back here regularly for more helpful tips on how to save money by avoiding a call out. We will also be updating you with ways to increase your homes efficiency and ways of getting the most from your boiler.